This person has made other employees’ lives miserable by giving out assignments, scheduling work, and disciplining workers. No authority has been assigned to this individual, what can we do?

While there is no law specifying the number of direct supervisors an employee can have, the employee described above is a real problem. She seems to have filled a power vacuum to get some personal power. This employee must be informed, in a private meeting that her behavior must stop. She should be informed in no uncertain terms that she is not in charge. The other employees should be told to let management know if the behavior continues.

Hope that helps you out. =)

A note about HR laws:
Laws concerning employee treatment, benefits, hiring and firing…etc are multi-level. What this means is that there are Federal laws, state laws and sometimes local regulations that have jurisdiction over an employee. The information presented here should not be considered legal advice. Ultimately, employers with serious legal questions should consult local attorneys with expertise in worker relations.
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