Recently a floor supervisor got involved in a disagreement between two workers. One worker was shouting at the other and the supervisor got loud trying to control the situation. How should we respond?

First, the floor supervisor behaved inappropriately and should be reprimanded. This should not be done in front of the workers, though, so that the supervisor’s authority is not undermined. Shouting at a worker is not appropriate and the supervisor should be disciplined (or at least warned).

Secondly, there should be a meeting that includes the two employees involved, the supervisor, and the supervisor’s manager. Each employee is permitted to present his/her side of the situation. The supervisor should offer an acceptable solution that will let the employees work together in the future. If only one employee was shouting – that employee should be disciplined. The non-shouter is not disciplined. The supervisor will apologize for shouting and express the intention to never do it again. Both employees should be reminded that problems should be handled through the supervisor instead of in direct confrontation.

Hope that helps you out. =)

A note about HR laws:
Laws concerning employee treatment, benefits, hiring and firing…etc are multi-level. What this means is that there are Federal laws, state laws and sometimes local regulations that have jurisdiction over an employee. The information presented here should not be considered legal advice. Ultimately, employers with serious legal questions should consult local attorneys with expertise in worker relations.
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