I need some recommendations about personal cell phone use at work.

The only fully effective policy is to ban cell phones entirely. Cell phone use in the workplace is prohibited and phones are not allowed in the workplace. A specified disciplinary progression (applied to all employees) will make this rule enforceable.

Some employers do not want to be this hard lined so they are faced with monitoring cell phone use. When a specific employee becomes a problem cell phone user, the first step should be a private meeting to discuss the problem. Some people do not realize how much they use their phones or how their work is affected. Allowing limited cell phone use at work requires an objective standard. Setting a limit of one call per hour during work periods with disciplinary action connected to exceeding the limit might help. Employees that cannot tolerate a reasonable limit are not good employees and a uniform disciplinary policy can weed them out.

It is also possible to treat phone use as a performance problem if the worker’s performance is being impacted. Assign enough work to make talking on the phone almost impossible and discipline the employee when the work is not completed.

Hope that helps you out. =)

A note about HR laws:
Laws concerning employee treatment, benefits, hiring and firing…etc are multi-level. What this means is that there are Federal laws, state laws and sometimes local regulations that have jurisdiction over an employee. The information presented here should not be considered legal advice. Ultimately, employers with serious legal questions should consult local attorneys with expertise in worker relations.
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