Can a company prohibit all terminated employees from being on company property, even as a patron?

This is legal and is a common practice among many employers. Hotels, restaurants and bars often prohibit ex-employees on the property for any reason. Much of today’s workplace violence is committed by ex-employees so taking steps to keep these people away is a good idea. Non-violent ex-employees can pose a theft threat or conflict with current workers.

It is legal to prohibit only those ex-employees who exhibit anger or threaten violence. The employer must be sure that the list of banned ex-employees is not identifiable as part of any race, religion, age, sex…etc.

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A note about HR laws:
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  1. But can an employer still prohibit ex-employees on the property if the employer has an on-site medical clinic (which is a “group health plan” under COBRA) and the ex-employee elects to continue coverage to that on-site medical clinic through COBRA?

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