How can we influence an employee to stop exhibiting extreme hairstyles, shaggy hippie, shaved bald and Mohawk styles?

Two questions: What was his hairstyle when you hired him? What did/do you consider normal?

You can implement a dress code as long as it is applied and enforced fairly and consistently. It is perfectly legal to discriminate between employees with Mohawks and employees with “normal” hair. It is legal to have different dress code for men and women. While developing a dress code, it might be a good idea to cover all the bases. Tattoos, piercings, jewelry and clothes can be specified in a formal dress code. Violations can bring on disciplinary action.

You might try taking this young man aside for a private conversation. Explain your concerns about company image and the consequences of violating company dress code. Some young people do not understand how grooming can be a performance and employment issue.

Hope that helps you out. =)

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