What can an employer do if an employee refuses to attend required training? The subject is not covered in the union contract or the job description.

If the training is mandatory and scheduled by the employer it is considered part of the normal shift. The employee can be disciplined for not working the scheduled shift. If the training is a basic job requirement such as a CPR certification, the employee can be terminated for not meeting job requirements. This is true even if the training is on the employee’s time. It can be part of the progressive disciplinary process to give the employee another deadline for meeting the requirement before terminating him.

An employer can require an employee to attend training and discipline or terminate the employee if he does not attend. This is a form of insubordination. Employers can change job description at any time (unless prohibited by union contract). Employers can hold employees to standards not specified in the job description. Flat out refusing to attend training is insubordination that should not be tolerated.

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A note about HR laws:
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