If an employee leaves before accruing full vacation time, are we obligated to pay out the accrued time or the full vacation time?

Your vacation policy is too ambiguous and leaves you vulnerable to a host of problems and complaints. It is possible that your policy could open the door to illegal discrimination charges. Your company needs to create a well-defined policy of vacation pay for employee termination or resignation and apply the policy equally to all employees.

State law in Illinois says you must pay for earned vacation pay at termination. This means you are required to pay only the amount actually accrued and not the full annual vacation. Your current policy allows employees to take full vacation time early in the year then quit without paying back any of the un-accrued vacation pay. State law says you can treat the un-accrued pay as an advance on wages and deduct the amount from the final paycheck. It is recommended that you implement this policy and have all vacationing employees sign acknowledgement of the policy.

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A note about HR laws:
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