Can a top company executive (I.E. CEO) access employee files without permission?

First, whose permission would he/she need? The CEO outranks the HR director and everyone else.

Personnel files are not personal; they are business records and are available to the top executive just like P&L statements and accounting records. The top executive needs to have access to all information so he can be familiar with employee performance. Reviewing personnel files regularly will help keep HR managers honest.
Medical information can be viewed legally but it may be a bad practice if the CEO is making employment decisions based on medical information.

Hope that helps you out. =)

A note about HR laws:
Laws concerning employee treatment, benefits, hiring and firing…etc are multi-level. What this means is that there are Federal laws, state laws and sometimes local regulations that have jurisdiction over an employee. The information presented here should not be considered legal advice. Ultimately, employers with serious legal questions should consult local attorneys with expertise in worker relations.
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