Kobe is BETTER than Lebron! Offtopic I know, Sorry

Kobe Helping Lebron Up

While watching the NBA Finals this year, I finally came to the conclusion that Kobe is better than Lebron. After listening to years of debacle from both sides and not having taken a stand on either side; I can finally without a doubt for the first time announce that Kobe is better than Lebron with a 100% straight face.

Step 1 Kobe has killer instinct, Lebron doesn’t. Kobe will beat you 100 to 0 and keep beating you. Lebron will let you come back cause he feels sorry for you. That intense focus, instinct, and drive is the difference between no rings, and four.

Step 2 If Kobe was switched with Lebron and on the Cavs, the Cavs would be playing in the finals right now. Folks say “but Lakers have a better squad for Kobe”. Truth is, Cavs match Laker’s talent, the difference being Kobe creates opportunities for his team to score and be as good as they are.

When you play Kobe and the Lakers, your defense has to focus on Kobe, if not, he will score 50 a game. (Again, teams have to respect his killer instinct because he will do it every time given the chance). While with Lebron, teams know he is too nice and with his unselfishness, will try to get his teammates in the game when they shouldn’t be. You stop the Cav’s team, Lebron can only score 40-50 at the most; while with Kobe, he will try to score 90.

Bottom line, if Kobe was on the Cavs, the rest of the team would “seem” to everybody just as good as the ones on the Lakers now.

Step 3 Kobe gets respect for his leadership, Lebron gets followers cause his athletic ability. When your teammates are rumored to have had sex with your mother (Lebron’s mother), that means you don’t get respected. True or untrue, rumors start from somewhere and this rumor should have been nowhere near to get started if untrue and respected.

Lebron has had plenty of opportunity to bring back a ring. Kobe has four. What is the major difference between Kobe and Lebron; that killer instinct. Pitbulls aren’t the best fighting dogs because of their size or their bite; it’s the tenacity and drive to never fail and never let go of their bite is why they will beat out most dogs in a fight. Same way with Kobe.

Feel free to comment Kobe haters..


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