Can a supervisor tell employees to decide which of them will change shifts due to too much time off under FMLA? Is this a violation of FMLA confidentiality rules?

FMLA has no specific confidentiality rules. When an employee takes too much time off other employees may wonder if there is some favoritism. The use of FMLA time off can explain the absences to the other employees and dilute feelings of favoritism. The medical diagnosis does not have to be disclosed to an employer for FMLA to be in effect. Best practice is that employees keep their medical information to themselves. If the employer discloses medical information that an employee has told him it is not a violation of FMLA rules. It is not a violation to say an employee is using FMLA leave.

FMLA employees are entitled to return to the same job (with the same working conditions). The requirement that an employee change shifts because of FMLA leaves could be viewed as illegal retaliation.

ADA regulations may have some jurisdiction for medical condition confidentiality.

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