Fendza Going Into Beta Private Testing Stage, Beta Release Shall Be Soon!

We’ve been working extra hard in the past weeks getting the Fendza app into final beta stage. We are hoping to move into that stage around the middle of May. The plan is to give away free lifetime accounts to our beta testers in exchange for feedback..

We’ll take the feedback and any bugs found during this beta period and incorporate them into the final product which will be released a few weeks after..

In other news; we’ve got Fendza’s Twitter and Facebook pages up and running. We’ll link everything up once the homepage is all designed out. Also, working on the e-book for first time website owners. It will soon be a nice hub of information for people going through making their first website and internet marketing basics..

Alot to do in a short amount of time! But, will continue trucking on! The hard part is focus, it takes so much focus trying to make Fendza everything it can possibly be that we come very close to the burnout line. That’s when we step back, take a deep breath, and get back to it..

That’s it for now; if you or your company is interested in being a Beta tester, shoot an email to support(at)employee-scheduling.com.


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